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The NYC Filmmaker‚€™s Festival was created in order to help all filmmakers, just like you, to become the best you can be and to give back to the community where ever possible.

We strongly feel that many film festivals have unfortunately taken a wrong turn regarding filmmakers and the film-going community in general. Because of this, festival fees are often too high, and the rewards they provide are too low for both the filmmakers and the film go-ers as well.

At the NYC Filmmakers Festival we have a completely different philosophy‚€¶

For example, we proudly support our favorite charity, ‚€œFree Arts NYC‚€, which assists children who are dealing with a variety of needs and life challenges. Because of the great work they do, we‚€™re donating a portion of all our proceeds to them.

Also at the NYC Filmmakers Festival, we strongly believe that film festivals should be a useful outlet for the truly independent, ‚€œIndie‚€ filmmaker. And, we further believe that festivals should create a unique environment so that all of you indie filmmakers have an opportunity to actually advance your career, and to become more successful artists.

And along with the exciting, worthwhile things we‚€™re already doing at the NYC Filmmaker‚€™s Festival, we‚€˜re also open to ideas from all of you about how we can improve our festival‚€¶ That way, we can further benefit the community, and we‚€™ll be able to assist all of you filmmakers, film lovers and film go-ers even more.

Additionally, we‚€™re always looking for creative, innovative, fresh, original, compelling and passionate film and video works from all areas of cinematic storytelling.

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Also, for any other general inquiries, or questions about the NYC Filmmaker‚€™s Festival, such as submitting, location or tickets, please contact us at:

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Additionally, if you would like to become a private or corporate sponsor, donor, or advertiser, please contact us at:

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You may also call us at: 212-66-024O

Our Team, Past and Present:

Darren Levine Festival Director, Host, Graphic Artist, etc...
Marc Baron Festival Judge/Guest Announcer
Frank Zagottis Festival Judge/Guest Announcer
Janine Janson Guest Announcer
Anthony Costa Guest Announcer
Kristen Shell Guest Announcer
Jamal Bilal Projectionist/Volunteer
Meredith Riley Stewart
Hank Scie QuanPhotographer
Donna Marans Volunteer
Patricia Miller T-Shirt provider
Matthew Rappaport Volunteer
Shehab Hanafi Volunteer
Catherine Hunt  2012 Cover Photo(lights)
Karina KondratenkoPhotographer
Davon ClarkVolunteer
Melissa BuonanducciVolunteer
Sarah MacdonnellVolunteer


Free Arts NYC programs inspire children to re-imagine their worlds and transform their lives through the creative arts.

With the help of dedicated and caring ‚€œvolunteer mentors‚€, Free Arts NYC delivers creative arts programs directly to low income, homeless, abused and neglected children.

Their programs and the relationships they foster, help children and families experience new levels of hope and creativity.

Free Arts NYC volunteers and facilitators give all of the children and families that they work with an extremely high level of personal attention‚€¶

Their Current PROGRAMS Include:

- Free Arts Days

- Weekly Mentor Program

- Parents and Children Together with Art (PACT)

- Multicultural Arts Camp

- Cultural Enrichment

To learn even more about our favorite charity - Free Arts NYC - or to make a donation to them, please visit: http://www.FreeArtsNYC.org